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Chron X™, the 1st Online Collectible Card Game!


Chron X™ (CX) is an excellent collectible card game (CCG). It currently has one main set (1st Edition), two released expansions (Overture and Ascension), and a third expansion is on its way (Defiance). It is very easy for a new player to determine what set a card is derived from as the cards are all marked with its parent set (and rarity). This is actually a very nice, protective feature; like most CCG's trading cards is certainly an affordable alternative when it comes to increasing the size and value of your collection. However, before you start your trading career you should definitely learn about the comparative card values in Chron X. Click here to have a list of websites (which list comparative card values) load in the left hand frame.


Chron X™ and Collectible Bits™ Technology are produced by Genetic Anomalies, Inc. (GA). A small company located in the Boston, MA area of the US, Genetic Anomalies has proven themselves very willing to listen to input from the CX Community. In their efforts to encourage player feedback, GA has established excellent Forums and various lines of communication for the average member of that Community, including email and telephone support at a variety of levels. For members of the CX Community who wish to take a proactive role in shaping the play environment, there are yet more options.

While GA has provided the standard Faction/Guild support that can be often be found in online games, GA has distinguished itself from other online games by its Guide and Judge Programs. Guides are a GA selected group of volunteers who are dedicated to teaching newcomers how to play CX, relaying information from GA to the Community, and answering questions about Chron X and GA that are often beyond all but the most experienced players' knowledge base. Guides are expected to work a certain amount of hours per week in The Core and are also responsible for making sure The Core remains friendly to all players of all ages. Judges are players who do a great job at running tournaments and Core Games. They are expected to ensure that Core activities they schedule (or are assigned to Judge) are suitable for players of all ages and that the environment remains a friendly, sporting one. Judges are able to award deserving players with the prizes that GA provides. Judges often attend events listed on this page. And, Guides and Judges who agree to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement contract are often given the first opportunity to Beta test expansions before they are released to the public. If you wish to inquire about becoming a Guide or a Judge, email


Security:Collectible Bits™ Technology grants you security in handling your cards and characters. It guarantees that no one else can use your character or take your cards without you first giving them access to it. It is a technology that will definitely help establish virtual, online property as a valued commodity. Collectible Bits™ technology is capable of creating, managing, and tracking virtual property over the Internet. As such, Chron X is the first CCG to be seen where couterfeiting is an impossibility.


Servers: Due to rapid growth, Genetic Anomalies is now licensing Chron X through The Station, an online game library from Sony. The Core is running on the Station's powerful, reliable server. You can play unregistered, skill games of Chron X for free, and the Chron X program allows you to create an unlimited number of unregistered characters that possess a random assortment of Rare, Uncommon and Common Cards from 1st Edition. Registration prices range from approximately nine dollars to twenty-five U.S. dollars. Download Chron X from this site


So what does Chron X offer other than a Community Voice, Security from theft, and a chance to actively shape game that you love? Well, one can argue that the stealthy, unseen assets lurking near your Headquarter's (kill the opponent's HQ and you win!) provide an entertaining degree of uncertainty that cannot be found in any other CCGs (due to non-virtual CCGs's inability to duplicate the stealth functionality). Personally, I think that the best aspect of this game is my army of unseen assets lurking near the (hopefully) unsuspecting opponent's HQ waiting to crush him at the first opportunity! This is a much more valid attraction!

If you need a couple of more reasons, take a look at the Tournaments that GA runs on a monthly basis. Good players (even unregistered ones) are often awarded with prizes varying from musical compact discs to Chron X™ cards to Sony Electronics to $500. Or maybe the best feature of Chron X™ is that your play - trade time is not limited to store hours as The Core is open 24 hours a day.


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