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What is Tetrinet? Simple! It is online multi-player Tetris, where you use special blocks to either interfere or help other players. Tetrinet is freeware created by StormCat Productions 1997. If you would like to contribute to StormCat Productions in appreciation of their well designed application, please send ten U.S. dollars to the following address:

13570 Grove Dr #109
Maple Grove, MN 55311


Downloading Tetrinet: Click here to load a list of good download sites in the left-hand frame.


Starting a Tetrinet Server:

  1. Open Tetrinet. Click Server Settings button.
  2. Enter a server nickname (top left), make sure Classic Style is checked so that clearing 2 or more lines will add them to the opponents' playfield. Check in Server Playing. Click the Start Server button.
  3. The Partyline button should be green now. Let people know you're waiting and give them your IP address.
    • Find your IP address by going to MS-DOS and typing winipcfg.
  4. Now you have the power to Start Games for people or Kick or Ban people, use your power wisely.
  5. If you start getting an Invalid Integer message, you have a cheater. You will not be able to catch him, but you should eventually be able to figure out who s/he is if you play with the same people regularly.


Joining a Tetrinet Server: First find someone who is running a server. Open Tetrinet, hit the Client Settings button and enter the IP address in the Server IP dialog box.


Playing Tetrinet

  1. First join a game, then hit the Misc. Setting button and look at your Key Configuration, this will determine how you will be rotating and dropping pieces.
  2. If the game has not been started (music will start playing when the game launches), go to the Partyline area and tell folks there to get a move on as you are eager to whup up on them. ;-)
  3. When the game has started, click the Show Fields button. Your play field will be the long one on the left hand side. Check at the top of the field to find your Player Number, this will prove to be important when you attempt to use your Special Blocks.
  4. Now the idea is to establish control over the game and drive your opponents to the top of their fields as quickly as possible. You can do this in a variety of ways, but for new players it is generally best to clear as many lines as possible, one line at a time. For each line you clear, you will get a Special Block. Special Blocks do a different things depending on which one you activate.
  5. Use of Special Blocks is what differentiates the ok players from the great ones. So pay attention! As you clear off lines in your Play Field, look under the Play Field. You will notice a long horizontal field filling with blocks. To the left of that field there will be a description of what the first, selected box does. (You can only use the first block. You can discard an unwanted, selected Block by pressing the letter d on your keyboard.) To use the selected Special Block on your own Play Field, press your Player Number. To use a Special Block on an opponent's Play Field, press the preferred Player Number.


Special Blocks and what they each do when activated.
The BlocksDescription
Add LinesAdds one line to the bottom of Field
Block BombLooks for the same Special Block in selected Field, if the Block is there then thing are randomly shaken up.
Block GravityCompacts all blocks down to bottom of Field. Lines can be made by this, but do not count towards your score or give you more Special Blocks.
Block QuakeRandomly moves open spaces.
Clear LinesClears one line from the bottom of Field
Clear Special BlocksGet rid of all Special Blocks within a Player's Field. (This does not clear Blocks they have already accumulated.)
Nuke FieldClear entire selected Field.
Random Blocks ClearExactly what it says.
Switch FieldSwitch Play Fields with selected player, even yourself!


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • AOL Users often have problems connecting with particular Tetrinet servers. Try connecting to several different people. Some will work, some won't.
  • Behind a firewall because you are running a proxy server? Make sure you set the TCP/IP (incoming & outgoing) ports as 31457.
  • Gray Screen in the play fields. If you have just installed a new theme or made a new one, click on the Misc Setting button and make sure the correct *.tnp file is showing in the TetriNET Graphic/Sound/Music Theme dialoge box.
  • "$pl Errors" I am not sure what causes them, the good news is they don't seem to happen too often. If you get one the best thing to do is delete or uninstall Tetrinet, then unzip and reinstall it. If you were running a server when you got the message. Tell everyone else to do the same thing as it will happen the other players also.

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