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Hologram Rose: Welcome. This faction is used primarily for learning how to play internet games. Please don't hesitate to contact our members if you are interested in learning more about us.
Tokyo Rože: For all Rože Members participating in the Faction Wars, this is the information on prizes for participants.
Tokyo Rože: If we win the eight Special HQ's, they will be divided up amongst the eight Rože Members with the most points accumulated. (Point system below).
Tokyo Rože: Even if we do not win the eight HQ's, we will be doing a drawing from the points Rože Members have accumulated. One prize of a prime Very Rare and another prize for a prime Rare. (Prime means really good. For a very rare think Nuke, UNWCT, DisTalks, etc. For a rare, think Turima, Mother Earth Sab, Jacqueline, U-Ship, etc.)
Tokyo Rože: The very rare winner's name will be drawn first and all other occurances of that name will be removed from the prize drawing. Then the rare prize winner's name will be drawn from the remaining names.
Tokyo Rože:

Point Determination:
Attending and playing in a F.W event5 Points
Killing an opponent3 Points
Drawing (both alive)2 Points
Drawing (both dead)3 Points

Tokyo Rože: Points are to be tallied and reported to the Rože Coordinator. If there is not a Rože Coordinator participating, designate one Rože member to keep score and file the Point Report. Point Reports should be filed at
Tokyo Rože: While it is the Rože Cordinator's responsibility to ensure that the Point Report is filed correctly, please keep track of your own points and make sure they are correctly reflected this page, below. Point Report Problems or inconsistencies should be reported to
Tokyo Rože:
Tokyo Rože: Faction War Rules can be found here.
Tokyo Rože: Faction War Map can be found here.
Tokyo Rože: Faction War Roster List can be found here.
Tokyo Rože: Faction War Raid Rules can be found here.
Tokyo Rože:
FW Rože RosterPtsFW Rože RosterPtsFW Rože PendingDate Eligible
Alaric220Fletch0ManEatiingCowJan 25th
Alpheus10Genghis X0RavnosJan 25th
Calyr D.0Lost1Pilot0  

Tokyo Rože: Always remember to be good.