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Hologram Rose: Welcome.
Tokyo Rože: The primary purpose of this faction is to educate you about the games that you like to play online. This education will include topics covering learning how to trade, strategies to cope with long term problems, tactics to deal with situational challenges and metagame influences. Our focus will initially be dedicated to Chron X, the first online collectible card game, but we expect to rapidly expand to include comprehensive information about other online games.
Tokyo Rože: In order to facilitate this expansion, we are looking for recruits. Especially those volunteers who are willing to provide informative articles and reviews about the games you like to play! If you would like to join us in our endeavors, please email us at Or if you just need some help with learning a new game, contact some of the members listed on the left.
Tokyo Rože: Attention Hologram Rože Members! We are exclusively offering ChronX HR Members a card by card analysis of Defiance upon its release! So watch this spot for a Members Only Link! (The analysis will be written by some of the top players of Chron X, it will include card tips and tricks, theories on how cards will effect the metagame, and general guidelines on what you should be looking for in ranked games after Defiance's release.)