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This is a list of auctions that I currently have running on Ebay. If I receive requests for scans of items that I have auctioning on Ebay, I will post the images on this site.

Shipping is $1.00 unless you have special preferences as to how the cards should be sent, in that case, you pay exact cost of shipping. Discounts on shipping are available for those who win multiple auctions of mine. If your grand total (excluding shipping) exceeds fifty dollars, shipping is free. All bids and payments must be made in U.S. dollars*. International bidders are encouraged to participate.

Check back here for my trade list! Items on trade list will be posted with my personal equivalency of the item to U.S. dollars.

  • Mint-Nearmint Multilands = $7
  • Thran Quarry = $6
  • Cursed Scroll = $8
  • Time Spiral = $6